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TAKAHASHI Air Powered Climber

TAKAHASHI Air Powered Climber

Unique Features

  • Zero sparking; thus no risk of fires/ safety is assured.
  • Compact and reliable with high power to weight ratio.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • No complicated air hoses connections.
  • Fully enclosed motor to prevent dust and dirt from entering climber.
  • Lower rope wear as there is only one sheave. 
  • Built to withstand adverse environmental conditions.
  • Built in manual crank descent in case of power failure. 
  • Usage counter installed in each climber to ensure proper maintenance.


Item Pneumatic Air Motor
Motor Type Air Motor - Vane type
Power Compressed Air
Climber Size 340mm x 270mm x 300mm
Weight < 40KG
(As compared to most brands at >48KG)
Lifting Capacity Up to 500KG
Internal load test certificate can be provided.
Wire Rope 8.3mm galvanized steel
Lifting Speed 9m/min
Braking Two brakes are built into Climber.
First brake: Air brake.
Secondary brake: Mechanical brake with 1.85 times braking force. 
Nominal Power 1.6 HP
Nominal Speed 1250 rpm
Idling Speed 2500 rpm
Air Consumption 1.6m3/min
Hose Internal Diameter 19mm 
Exhaust G 3/4 "
Air Intake G 1/2"
Max Air Pressure 6 bar
Industries  Oil and gas and shipping where no sparking is compulsory.
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