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Permanent Gondola System

Permanent Gondola System

Our solutions are versatile and provide excellent permanent access to difficult-to-reach work areas.

Unique Features

  • Supporting you through design and consultancy
  • Quick manufacturing time by in-house experienced team
  • Professional project management
  • Reliable and longer lasting products with maintenance and after-installation care

Other permanent access machinery includes access cradles, davits, gantries, and a large variety of accessories. Once we have installed the appropriate permanent access solution for your site, we follow up by providing full training on how to use the equipment and ongoing support such as inspection and maintenance, supply of spare parts, and repair work.

We can create a detailed design and install a bespoke permanent access solution for you.

What we do and what the system is

At Scatech, we supply complete permanent gondolas systems including anchorages systems and work cages. We will be with you throughout your journey of selecting the best height access equipment for your new building or your facade maintenance requirements.

Scatech Permanent Gondola


1. Design Consultation

When provided with details such as building plans and requirements for your permanent gondolas system, we will provide a first proposal complete with concept, photographs of similar systems and project references for your consideration.

If selected, we will be in close discussions for design reviews and fulfillment of site and structural requirements until final proposal is approved.

2. Fabrication

Once confirmed, we will fabricate the full permanent gondolas system and work cages to your specifications with high quality materials. All items are available to you for inspection prior to installation at site.

3. Installation

Our Team will liaise closely with your site operations to cast-in and/or mount our systems onto your building as your work schedule progresses. We will undertake project management to ensure seamless installation and delivery of our system to your project.

4. Testing & Commissioning

We will provide the necessary and agreed such as load tests, third-party certificates or Certificates of Inspection by qualified Professional Engineers. As we operate throughout Asia, different countries and states have different requirements; we understand the landscape and will be able to work with you through them.

5. Maintenance

Like any other equipment, the permanent gondolas systems will need to be maintained and cared for post-installation at site for continued use and reliability of systems.

We will be able to provide expert regular maintenance as per agreed schedule with you to inspect and check and replace mechanical parts such as bearings, tracks and trolleys if required.


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