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 Scatech Gondola - Our Services (Maintenance & Spare Parts, Scaffold)

Our Services

We provide cost-efficient access solutions specializing in curtain wall installation, aluminium cladding installation, facade inspection, painting work, sealant work, window glass replacement, cleaning & painting, design for safety application, refurbishment & etc.

Our Takahashi® climber is highly versatile and suitable for many types of applications such as materials hoist, gondola & etc.

Be amazed by our wide range temporary or permanent access solutions. Safety and reliability are of paramount importance. Our strengths and track record for near 40 years include:

Scatech Engineering - Our Services

  • Portable hoist systems such as floor crane (counter-balancing hoist), davit arm (wall/ slab mounted) and system customization to meet customer’s site requirements.
  • Customized cradle for difficult-to-access narrow/ confined spaces such as rubbish chute, lift shaft & etc.
  • Retractable cradle cater for recess location, sunshade, louver, clothes rack installation & etc.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of permanent/ semi-permanent/ temporary gondola system & lifeline/ rope access system
  • Sales of new & refurbished gondola/ hoist with relevant spare parts support.

We can show you or your stakeholder similar examples of previously installed systems within our projects portfolio, as we are committed to improving your project productivity.



Scatech Gondola - training

A range of comprehensive onsite training is available for our working partners - operator, installation, personal safety and technical training. Our competent team ensures proper installation, shifting and dismantle work for all lifting equipment, material hoists & mast climbing work platforms.


Project Management

Scatech Engineering - project management

We offer suspended scaffolding rentals and sales for projects of any size and scope – supported by professional in-house engineering, safety & technical training, labour and project management. Our professional engineering department develops detailed drawings, material lists and design plans for projects that require lifting equipment. This dramatically reduces the time necessary for estimating and quoting, thereby ensuring safe application and installation of suspended scaffold systems.


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We have built our company around comprehensive solutions and welcome the opportunity to help you select the relevant solutions, and assist in any or all of your project stages. 

For any project or sales inquiries, kindly contact sales@scatechgondola.com