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Climbers – TAKAHASHI Electric or Air Powered

Climbers – TAKAHASHI Electric or Air Powered

Unique Features

  • Light and reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low rope wear  
  • In-built mechanical brake
  • Mechanical hand crank can be used in event of power failure

Unique Safety Features

Our TAKAHASHI climbers are either standard electric-powered motors or pneumatic air powered motors. 

Because we place an utmost importance on safety, the climbers that we design and build are very unique. 

  • Each of our climber has one mechanical brake built in it. This means that if the motor’s electromagnetic brake is not engaged, the second mechanical brake with 1.85 times braking force in the climber will be activated. In contrast, a typical climber of other brands does not have a built-in braking system in their climber.  


  • A mechanical hand crank can be used for descent in emergencies.


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