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Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Unique Features:

  • Square Masts for stability
  • Able to configure to Customer's site requirements
  • Safety Mechanical and Electrical Components included

Jaso (Goian) Singapore Malaysia India AsiaWe partner with a GOIAN, an innovative company that is now a part of JASO brand that creates access solutions that meets customers’ requirements and satisfaction for construction, mining and oil and gas industries and also for use in wind power and port applications. They have a strong presence in Spain, France, Russia and the Middle East.

JASO work platforms facilitate working at height. It's supreme design is specially so personnel and material can access the work area to meet your work height requirements.. They are reliable and efficient platforms, that will increase your workers efficiency and reduce your labor costs when either restoring or new construction. In addition, they comply with all the existing design, manufacture, and safety standards, allowing the operators to work safely.

Thanks to its versatility, large variety of accessories, ample load capacity, and extension system, the GP Series can be employed to any façade. The platforms facilitate work at height.

The sturdiness of its square mast sections, platform modules made with high-quality and high-elasticity steel, and the construction of the basic equipment with floating platform contribute toward a longer service life .

Capacity 850/4550 kg

Pax 4 to 6

Speed 6 m/min

We provide rentals of JASO GOIAN Mast Climbing Work Platforms in Singapore, and also distribute these platforms throughout Asia. 


Specifications for GOIAN GP40 Mast Climbing Work Platforms:

Goian Asia - Scatech Gondola



Main Safety Devices for GOIAN GP40 Mast Climbing Work Platforms:

GOIAN asia - scatech gondola 01

 Additional Benefits/Features:

Two driving geared motors with electro-mechanical brakes per motor set
Two emergency centrifugal brakes per motor set
Emergency manual lowering with maximum limited tilt
Automatic horizontal levelling system
Emergency stop
Switchgear validation system
Phase control
Access door with electrical interlocking
Movement acoustic signal
End stops for higher and lower runs and extra run
Rack presence detector
Low voltage electrical switchgear
Mast protection
Motive power unit protective casing
Last mast section with half rack
Main platform floors and non-slip extensions and with double fastening
Base levelling system (spindles and/or jacks)
Upper mechanical stop with shock absorber
(replace mast section with half rack)
Anti-projection network
Differential and magneto thermal box
Motive power unit extension
Access ladder
Overload detector device
Lower floating mechanical stop



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