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# Please send this link to client when: Form link: Key PIC: Persons to copy:


Quotation is accepted by client; before job commences. 

Admin, please check with our Salesperson first if need to send this form link over. *only required for new clients/big companies with multi department personnel.

Message template:

Thank you for confirming your quotation. Could you please update your point of contact using the following link: Clients Submission Form Kindly indicate "NA" for any fields that do not apply.

Meanwhile, please review the requirements for registering a workplace number. If it's not applicable, kindly indicate "NA." Additionally, we will prepare the required Risk Assessment (RA), Method Statement (MS), and Safe Work Procedure (SWP) for our gondola work. Please inform us if there are any further requirements.


Clients Submission Form Sales team,,

Potential clients who intend to outright purchase our equipment, before we provide them with quotation


    *applies to local and export (except our own Scatech Malaysia, India, Bangladesh)
    Due Diligence Form

    Susie Heng

    Kim Liu


    Message template:

    To facilitate off-hire process, so we can better serve you – our esteemed client, kindly submit details in our URL link (Off Hire Form).

    Off Hire Form

    Lynn Teoh

    Kim Liu

    Emily Ding,,

    # Please send this link to client when: Form link: Key PIC:  Persons to copy:
    1 During Safety Orientation, for attendance records. Safety Orientation/Attendance Records

    Lucas Tay

    Safety supervisors,,