Takahashi Pneumatic Air Motor and Traction Hoist

The in-house developed Takahashi Pneumatic Air Motor, specifically built and designed to work with our Takahashia YJ-99 winch, is ideal for usage in volatile conditions since there is no sparking hazard and is built to withstand adverse environmental conditions.


Air Motor Type Vane
Winch Size 340mm x 270mm x 300mm
Weight 38kg
Lifting Capacity 500kg
Direction of Rotation Reversible
Nominal Power 1.6HP
Nominal Speed 1250rpm
Idling Speed 2500rpm
Air Consumption 1.6m3/min
Hose I.D. 19mm
Exhaust G 3/4"
Air Intake G 1/2"
Max Air Pressure 6 bar
Min Air Pressure 5 bar