About Us

Scatech Engineering Pte Ltd has established itself the leading company specializing in sales and rental of suspended scaffolds (gondolas) in Singapore. Founded in 1984, we have since provided quality gondola systems for projects involving construction, repairs and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and offshore structures as well.

Our wealth of technical expertise accumulated over the years enables us to develop a comprehensive range of temporary and semi-permanent gondola systems. We not only manufacture these gondola systems, we also uniquely design and modify them to suit different buildings and structures.

We continue to be the market leader in this specialized field because we strive to be customer-oriented through delivering professionalism and grasping our customers’ needs clearly to provide excellent sales and rental services and create an effortless experience in using our gondolas.

Our success can also be attributed to our heavy emphasis on a healthy work safety culture. The dedicated safety team ensures that strict and rigorous safety standards are practiced in all our workshops and project sites. This commitment to observe the highest standards of safety in the provision of our gondola systems and services has enabled us to be regarded as a trusted and respected partner by all our customers. 

Specifically, our gondola systems comply with the Singapore Standard SS 598: 2014 (Code of Practice for Suspended Scaffolds (formerly CP20:1999) and we are certified by the respective ministries in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as a provider of such systems.


“Asia’s skylines make interesting canvasses. When you think that they are already perfect, another building with an even more interesting architecture rises to fascinate you. As a suspended scaffolds specialist, we are most excited to be able to work with our Customers to tackle Asia’s facade maintenance challenges with safety, quality, innovative designs and convenience according to user requirements.”

Mr Yeo Chor Seng - Chairman of Scatech Group of Companies


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