Multi-Skilling SEC(K) Certification

What is Multi-Skilling?
Multi-Skilling Scheme was first introduced in 2012, to build up a pool of experienced workers, who would be proficient in multiple construction trades to enable them to carry out more than one type of work tasks on site.

Benefits of Multi-Skilling
• Lower levy rate
• Longer stay in Singapore
• Greater flexibility in deployment on site
• Enhance productivity by reducing downtime

Course Objectives

This course is specially designed for candidates who have experience in using or working with suspended scaffold (gondola) and wish to take up a 2nd SEC(K) certification in suspended scaffold (gondola) under the multi-skilling scheme.

Course Content

Theory and practical aspect

• Recognizing various suspended scaffold systems
• General knowledge of suspended scaffold components
• Hazards involved with rigging activities
• Carrying out safe and correct operation of suspended scaffold activities
• Proficient in operating or using suspended scaffolds

Language of Instruction


Registration Requirements

• 1st SEC (K) certificate
• Completed registration form
• Photocopy of participant identification (NRIC for Local and Work Permit/Employment Pass for Foreigner)
• Photocopy of participant passport (picture and passport number must be clear


Theory: 4 hours
Practical: 8 hours


67 Joo Koon Circle
Singapore 629080